*2020-03-18 MANATA KERATA

Got 'ya, T-1000. G-:

... or else immortability...

This means meanwhile that standard setting for tranformation from 3-dimenzional space to 4 is n=5 in basic. It is Mitti Innunan's Quantum Solens Transit Theorem which is counting astral quantum of mass in Sun. m_5 is weight of time (5th)element. Weights of higher elements must to be appraisal value (for counting more then 3 to 4 dimensions). To transit sum can I say, that it is counting like product of sum with m and sum, where is (diference from core)^(n-4). I doesn't know more. ;o)

{Secret supplement: With add and non-add diference from core to Transit Theorem exists left or right paralel, dipends on whrere we are just now. In connection of Suns in base of anor(5th dimension) can we with set of half of distance in 3rd quadrat of Quantum Solens count connection of active Suns of ulterior Kan-Li Solar-systems in base of denor(6th dimension). In every cases don't forget that it depend on estimates.} ;o)

Transformation between two mathematical systems is timing in that case, if one mathematical system is body of "mechanic" (clon firmly connected through computed string to ather system from Transit Theorem used toward Moon, n=5) in future and second is our mathematical system in past. I don't know why it is important, but in Transit Theorem is it expressly built to expression 5=0, don't forget. Pirrate board technic.

For proof mother by Freud like a Sun is Martin Kreag excursive to artifice: With set in to Transit Theorem for x=1, m_0=(birth weight), m_1=(today weight) proceed to us transit astral sum of weight of mother Sun resemble to infinity by limit - so, mother should to blow up more in birth to lots of communication. ;o) Sacrifice Martin Kreag.

With set in to Transit Theorem for x=0 and m_0=(birth weight) proceed to us astral quantum of marige, which is approximately same in many cases. We can less count of astral weight through radius of relationship - how many do we for marige. Philosopher of physics Mitti Innunan.

Meanwhile, when are we thinging about 3 dimensions, so dimension x is only 300 years long (+65y.(+30y.)), meanwhile strongly unite mother's casuistic, then it is comming dimensions y and z, which are fully 100,000 years long - unite by life (y) and control (z). True, for which are we finding, is that dimension x is for prepair only - so are we finding dinosaurs in the ground, so can we find pre-started dimesion x after 2.3 mil. years to good life. ;o) Card-man Gabriel.

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